Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Missing Daddy

I sit typing this in my bed...alone...for the last night in what I hope is a very long time!! Eric has been in Michigan since last Thursday with his mom and dad. Mom had surgery two weeks ago and Eric has been able to serve them over the past few days by being there to help her get back home and settled in!

Grace has abounded!

But, we've missed daddy around here...a lot!

At first I missed his help. I've always known I'd snagged an exceptionally helpful man; I realized just how helpful in the past few days! When people have asked me how it's going, my main response is, "Fine, I'm just so tired!"

Missing his help progressed into missing his presence. I miss spontanious conversations. I miss sitting in the same room with him. I miss driving in the car with him and making simple, everyday decisions with him.

I miss his being. Being in the next room, being next to me, being with the girls outside, being at work. Just his being.

The girls have, of course, missed him like crazy! Cell phones and Skype have helped, but they miss his touch. Several times they've said, "I just need to see him!" Katie giggles at the sound of his voice on the phone and waves when she sees him on the computer. They've survived looking for the 24 notes he left hidden around the house (still one we haven't found!) and by snuggling with his t-shirts in bed at night.

Ironically, there is nothing I would've changed about this week. It was grace that Eric got to go! It was grace that the girls and I had a really great time together. It was grace that our support system of family and friends encouraged us in tangible ways. It is grace that tomorrow he comes home!

Eric, baby! Travel safely. We've missed you beyond belief and can't wait for love and kisses tomorrow night! We'll wait up for you!!

A Day @ the Park

For the first day in several, the sun was out and temps warmed up. Not sure how you Midwesterners are getting nicer weather than we are--that never happens! We took advantage of the day and went to the park.
...starting with my favorite picture (try to ignore the fact that no one is looking at the camera)!

And, my sweet Annabelle Kay!

And, the best big sis ever--Miss Ella Grace!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A New Family Member

Meet Glow!

The girls started chore charts in January. They get paid every Saturday and split their money three ways--spending money, saving money, and giving money. From week one, Annabelle has faithfully saved her spending money to purchase a fish! This week she had enough, so we made a trip to the pet store and added "Glow" (a.k.a. "Glowie" or "Glow Fish"), a female Beta, to our family. Here's hoping she's around a long time...

Snow Day!

March 2, 2009