Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Glimpse into Our Everyday Talk

Katie:  Mom, when are you going to have another baby in your tummy?

Me:  Um . . . I'm not planning on that happening again . . . ever!

Katie:  Well, you can't make plans like that, only God can make those kinds of plans!


Annabelle:  Mom, So-and-so likes me!

Me:  Great!  He's a nice boy and you like him too!

Annabelle:  No, Mom, he LIKE likes me!

Me:  Well, super,  you like him a lot too!

Annabelle:  MOM!  No!  He LOVE likes me!


Katie:  Mom, you know when I get big enough to get married . . .?

Me:  Uh-huh.

Katie:  Well, how will God tell me which boy is the right boy to marry?

(One friend said my response should have been, "He'll tell me and I'll let you know!"  I wasn't as quick on the draw!)


Love these little girls and the way their little brains work!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Katie Kwestions #2

Katie (speaking to Ella Grace):  Is God and Jesus the same?

Ella Grace:  Uh, mom, I don't know how to answer that; you're gonna have to handle that one!

Katie:  So, mom?


She also asked me earlier this week why the Lego man she was playing with didn't have ears.  Who thinks about such things?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Katie Kwestions

Katie is coming up with all sorts of Krazy Kwestions lately.  This title may repeat itself several times while she's in the stage, because they crack me up!  Here are a few of the latest:

"How big are God's hands?"

"What does I love you mean?"

. . . and my personal favorite:

"Mom, you know the Angel Gabriel?  Did he have feet?"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mice On Main

We spent one day of our Christmas break exploring our downtown in a way we never had before -- searching for the Mice On Main.

For those who aren't local, our downtown is one of the best in the country.  Literally, check this out!  We spend a lot of time there, but have never seen it in the way we saw it last week.

Background:  In 2000, Jim Ryan an imaginative high school student was looking for a special senior project, one that would inspire Greenville residents and visitors alike to feel as if, when they visited downtown Greenville, they had stepped into an extraordinary place with character and individuality.  In his senior year, Ryan made his idea a reality and proposed the design and installation of a family of unique mice sculptures for a fanciful downtown scavenger hunt for children and adults.  The mouse family came alive through the hands of talented local artist and sculptor, Zan Wells.  As a team, Ryan and Wells placed the mice in their permanent places, thus creating Greenville's whimsical downtown scavenger hunt for children of all ages.

As Mouse Hunters, your challenge is to scavenge for these elusive Mice on Main.  Follow the clues, read between the lines, and enjoy the sights and sounds of our beautiful city along the way.  Good luck in your search Mouse Hunters! (taken from the clue sheet we followed)

Meet Marvin! 

 Marvin's wife, Maggie

 Marvin Jr.

 Marvin and Maggie's son, Marcley

 Marcley's twin sister, Millie (she's looking down from the bottom corner of the sign)

 Little Brother, Mitch

 Mitch's twin sister, Melissa

 Maggie's sister, Mifflin

Uncle Miles, Mifflin's husband

The girls loved it and I'm pretty sure we'll never visit downtown again without saying hi to at least a few of our new friends!

(side note:  these were the 9 pictures left on the memory stick)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Post with NO Pictures!

I've had this nagging problem all week.


Such a catch 22 for me -- I love doing it, but, seriously, it's hard with so much going on.

Every December, I determine to be faithful in updating so that I don't get to the end of the month with nothing documented.

Obviously, I failed.


So, back to my problem -- catching up!

I'd resolved myself to just slowly catching up, as time allowed, until everything I wanted to document was recorded.

I pulled the memory card out of my camera a few nights ago to load them on the computer (please note, the memory card has been in our camera for the entire month of December).

It was empty (save 9 pictures -- the 9 that I most recently took).  EMPTY!

Problem solved.

Devastatingly solved.