Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Gift Idea

In honor of all the birthday parties we've attended (or will attend) this month, I thought I'd share one of our favorite (read ~ easy, inexpensive, and a big hit) gifts to give.

An apron (Hobby Lobby, $2.99), a cookie cutter (Hobby Lobby, $.99), cookie mix (Target, $1.50, I think), a tub of frosting with sprinkles (Target, dunno the cost). This gift is for a set of twins, so I got two different types of cookie mix: Sugar and Peanut Butter (with Hershey Kisses instead of frosting).

I appliqued initials on these aprons, but I've also used paint markers to write names and draw pictures.

To package, I used a 2/$1 paper bag from Hobby Lobby and paint markers to decorate (eliminating the need for a card):

Monday, February 14, 2011

Katie's Third Birthday

We spent a good part of the weekend celebrating our Katie's third birthday. For so many reasons, it's hard to believe that our youngest has reached this milestone!

Her outfit didn't disappoint! I love how it turned out and it looked great on her! Not to mention, that it was perfect for a McDonald's birthday party! That's right -- I totally let McD's do all the work! I loved it & may never have an elaborate birthday party at home again!

She had a ball also -- her best buds were all there to celebrate with her. She seriously went full speed the entire time we were there!

One birthday tradition at our house is that the birthday girl gets to choose whatever she wants for breakfast! This year was Katie's first time to really understand that she could have whatever she wanted!
She chose waffles (pronounced "wackles" in Katie world) with ice cream and strawberries!

Sweet, Katie!
You amaze us every day with something new! We can't remember life without you and you complete our "circle of five" perfectly!

We love you more than words . . .

Always, Your Momma, Daddy and Sissies!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Express Yourself!

My girls have been recently expressing themselves in their pajama choices! They've cracked Eric and I up on more than one occasion! Perhaps they're passively rebelling against this? Nah!

While Ella Grace usually matches her pj's (could write an entire essay on birth order here, I think),

. . . Annabelle is usually the most expressive and proud of herself.

What is it about that middle kid anyway?

However, this has to be my all time favorite . . .

. . . complete with hat & rain boots! Our youngest - - keeps us guessing!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Can NOT Wait!!

To see this:

. . . on my baby girl!!

I've actually entertained the idea of waking her up tonight so she can try it on.

Not gonna!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Heart Weekends!

A week from tomorrow we'll be celebrating a birthday. She's requested "a shirt and pants" birthday outfit! Love a girl who knows what she wants! I picked up some fabric in Michigan while there at Christmas with her birthday in mind. Eric took the girls out to breakfast and a little "daddy/daughter time" this morning (thank you, Sweetie, for allowing me time to create! I love you for so many reasons).

With a quiet house, my Singer, my ironing board (which my mother, who taught me to sew, religiously set up every time the sewing machine was out . . . now I do the same!), and a little of this playing in the background, I started the birthday outfit! I'll post the finished product soon!

The truth is that I haven't sewn in a really, really long time. It's one of the sacrifices that have had to be made to have Ella Grace at home this year. I'm okay with that sacrifice, but, truth be told, I have missed my happy place! Felt good to be back!

With last night's date at one of our favorites, a morning of sewing, this in the crock pot for dinner, and a family movie night tonight (watching something Eric and I watched as kids, we're excited!), this is shaping up to be a great weekend!! There's also that little event called The Super Bowl . . . Eric is heading to a party . . . I think I may head back to my happy place!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Miss Impressionist

Ella Grace has been hard at work studying a famous artist and his paintings!

Here is the original -- Water Lilies -- by none other than Claude Monet.

And the duplicate -- Water Lilies -- by none other than Elizabeth Grace Williams.

The artist herself "ta-da-ing" her work!
I'm thinking he's got nothin' on her!