Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Fun


*Our 5 firecrackers!*

We also celebrated Sweet Cheek's first birthday!  She dug into her cake like she digs into life ~ with no hesitation and without abandon!  (Love that about her!)  

We feel incredibly blessed to have spent the past 10 months with her and, since several times during the past 10 months we thought we'd never see her first birthday, yesterday was especially sweet for us! 

Love you, sweet girl! 

Lake Michigan 2011

Because he has so many great memories, one of Eric's favorite things to do with the girls while we are in Michigan is take them to Lake Michigan for a beach day! Obviously, they love it too!

Sweet Cheeks was all over the beach, and, in turn, the beach was all over her! She's going to love Hilton Head in a few weeks!

Before I snapped this shot: "Okay, 1-2-3, take my picture!"

The bigger girls enjoyed some pretty good waves ~ they, also, are looking forward to HHI so they can catch some more waves!

Cousin Time