Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

As we've talked over the past month, here are the things the girls have been thankful for:

Ella Grace:
  • the sunrise and the sunset
  • our country
  • the blue sky
  • her Papa
  • rainbows
  • food
  • Mommy
  • missionaries
  • animals
  • fun places to go
  • school
  • Katie
  • our house
  • Daddy
  • Annabelle


  • Daddy
  • her cousins
  • white milk
  • and chocolate milk
  • a warm bed
  • Mommy
  • Ms. Kris and Mr. David (her Sunday school teachers)
  • her friends at church
  • Katie
  • Ella Grace
  • our family

Happy Thanksgiving~have a blessed "holiday season"!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching Up-date!

Well, the Holidays are upon us in full swing~~we've been busy around here! Here's what's been happening!

Katie went through 3 rounds of antibiotics trying to get rid of her first ear infection! We're now on round 4 which is a series of three shots given for three consecutive days. She's been a trooper and we're praying this gets rid of the infection for good!As a result of the ear infections, Katie has become a bottle fed baby--twice a day she nurses and twice a day she gets a bottle; here's Annabelle "helping".

Annabelle got "disciplined" the other day and as Eric was talking to her afterwards he said, "You know, it hurts Daddy's heart to have to do that?" She came back with: "I know, it hurts my legs and bootie too!"
Ella Grace had her Thanksgiving celebration at school yesterday! She and her friends dressed as Native Americans! She had a blast!
I was getting ready to get the girls in the tub last night and they were discussing the order I should bathe them:

Ella Grace: Well, I'm the oldest. And, Annabelle, you're the middle-est.

Annabelle: And Katie's the katie-est!

Katie has her first tooth! See it?
Eric's sister and her family stopped by for a visit last weekend--which meant we got to meet our newest niece--Hailey! Here are "the cousins"!
Not sure how to wrap all that up...I'll leave you with Katie's newfound talent--be sure to listen to the dialogue in the background!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Rhyming

Ella Grace came down the stairs yesterday to announce:

"Log and blog rhyme!"

Yup, they do!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Biblical Emergency

Ella Grace on the way to church this morning:

"'In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth.' Mom, is it Genesis 9-1-1?"

Friday, November 7, 2008

One of Those Moms!

Okay, I'm ready to admit it! Here--for all my friends, family, and other random people who may visit to see. I'm one of those moms. You know the ones--I've become the one I used to think I'd never be.I have three girls.
I dress them alike often, goes...I kind of like it!
Not that I need to defend myself to you, my dear reader, (it's actually kind of therapeutic as I "admit I have a problem") but here are

The 5 reasons I like dressing my cuties alike:

1. It's a little cute--c'mon, admit it (you'll feel better!)!

2. It's easy--when I'm shopping, I only have to find one thing I like instead of three (I should add, "and they like"! When did they get an opinion anyway?). And in the mornings, I only have to match one outfit instead of three!

3. It's safer--when we're out in public and I have two moseying along behind, I only have to turn around and look for one color!

4. It's peace promoting--I don't have to hear, "But she had the pink one last time, and Ireallyreallyreallywantedthepinkonethistime becausepinkisMYfavoritecolor!!! Well, at least I don't have to hear it about clothing--plates, silverware, and cups--a different story!

5. It's cheaper--sale times three!


Thanks for listening! Step one is checked off my list!

We'll save step two until the time comes when they don't think it's cool to be dressed like their sisters!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Made it 8 and a Half Months...

...but she has her first ear infection--or should I say infections--she's got one in each ear!

Poor babe!

The doctor said it was pretty amazing that with two big sisters, she's made it this long!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Truths on Election Day 2008

I just returned from exercising my right as an American to cast a vote! Ella Grace learned all about the election process yesterday at preschool, so she tagged along. As I held her, so she could see what I was doing, I was reminded of some Truths that have been on my mind for the past several weeks:

~God is still God! Whether there is a woman or an African American in the White House.

~God is still God! His love for me doesn't depend on how I voted.

~God is still God! He allowed me to be born in the greatest country in the world.

~God is still God! In His sovereignty, He placed my children in this time in history.

~God is still God! The battle He's engaged in is for my entire heart.

"...His eyes keep watch on the nations..." Ps. 66:7