Friday, September 25, 2009

M is for Monster

Annabelle studied the letter "M" this week in her class, so we've spent a lot of time talking about the "mmmmmmmmmmmm" sound. Today she and Little Man colored some monsters found here and then told me a story about them. Their stories were so creative, I just had to share:

by Annabelle

by Little Man

...and then there's our resident Monster, Katie, who discovered the toilet paper today!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Man Update

I realize that it's been a while since we've updated on our current foster care situation. It's been hard to know what exactly to share since it's been such a roller coaster ride for us!

Yesterday marked 5 months that Little Man has been in our care.

In that time, we've learned a lot about ourselves as parents, as spouses, as sinners, as grace-receivers, as people, as sons & daughters...I could go on and on, but you get the idea!

Here's where we stand today--understand that this could change at a moments notice or that what we've been told may not be accurate (both things we're learning as we carry on!)!

Little Man will remain in foster care until a hearing in January. The purpose of that hearing is to make sure that his mom is getting some necessary help before the kids are returned home. At that hearing, it is expected that a custody trial date will be set. It is at that 2 day trial that a judge will determine whether the kids will be sent home or whether his mother's rights will be terminated.

God has answered many prayers over the past few weeks concerning some of the behavior that we've seen manifested over the past five months. We've noticed some signs that point to deeper issues than we are equipped to deal with, so we are seeking help. Your prayers would be appreciated as we explore what options we have and make decisions based on the best interests of our entire family.

Forgive me for not sharing sooner what has been going on, but know that we struggle with what is an appropriate amount to share in this forum. We do, however, appreciate the amount of support and love that has been shown to our family by many over the past few months!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

(One of) The Difference(s) in Our Girls

Ella Grace came home from school the first day not knowing (or not being willing share) any of her classmates' name.

Annabelle came home from her first day knowing the names of every child in her class.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Caramel Apples & Apple Slushies at the Apple Festival!

A hike to beautiful Pearson's Falls!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another First Day

My middle baby started preschool today! She was beside herself with excitement this morning, walked right in, and didn't stop talking about it the entire ride home! We are so proud of you, Precious Annabelle!
Mrs. Bagley, we love you and are praying for you!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bowl Full of Bubbles

All my kids love this!
My five year old!
My three year olds!
My one year old!
Mom's a pretty big fan too since it keeps them busy for a while!

Step 1: Fill your sink with dish soap and water (you could use bubble sollution if you're worried they'll eat it)!

Step 2: With a hand mixer, "mix" the water so that bubbles reproduce (I'm sure there is a scientific explaination here, but that's beside the point)!
Step 3: Spoon bubbles from the top of the water into a bowl.

Step 4: Load 'em up with some shovels, spoons, measuring cups, small bowls, etc.

Step 5: Go read a magazine while they play! HA!
Have fun!
PS~Clean up's a breeze when you're playing with soap!