Friday, November 7, 2008

One of Those Moms!

Okay, I'm ready to admit it! Here--for all my friends, family, and other random people who may visit to see. I'm one of those moms. You know the ones--I've become the one I used to think I'd never be.I have three girls.
I dress them alike often, goes...I kind of like it!
Not that I need to defend myself to you, my dear reader, (it's actually kind of therapeutic as I "admit I have a problem") but here are

The 5 reasons I like dressing my cuties alike:

1. It's a little cute--c'mon, admit it (you'll feel better!)!

2. It's easy--when I'm shopping, I only have to find one thing I like instead of three (I should add, "and they like"! When did they get an opinion anyway?). And in the mornings, I only have to match one outfit instead of three!

3. It's safer--when we're out in public and I have two moseying along behind, I only have to turn around and look for one color!

4. It's peace promoting--I don't have to hear, "But she had the pink one last time, and Ireallyreallyreallywantedthepinkonethistime becausepinkisMYfavoritecolor!!! Well, at least I don't have to hear it about clothing--plates, silverware, and cups--a different story!

5. It's cheaper--sale times three!


Thanks for listening! Step one is checked off my list!

We'll save step two until the time comes when they don't think it's cool to be dressed like their sisters!


Anna said...

I think it's cute, too! :)

Beth Monty said...

me too...and proud!!

Alison said...

And, I bet Santa will leave your girls the same or some of the same batch of toys and dolls as your bestfriend. Perhaps Santa just knew that you and I way back then wanted the same dolls? Of course, Santa also knew that Leslie and Melissa were on the same page with one another then, too.

Alison said...

"your" should have been "their" in my comment.
moving slowly here today...