Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catch Up!

This has been a crazy few weeks! There's a lot I've meant to post, so indulge me as I play a little catch up!


Monday was Ella Grace's last day of preschool! It's so hard to believe that one of my girls will head off to kindergarten in the fall!

Mrs. Hamilton, thanks for a great year! Ella Grace learned so much and loved being in your class. On her way in to school on Monday, she got out of the car and said, "I'm not going to be sad that this is my last day!" and then burst into tears. Her love of learning is due in large part to you and Mrs. Bagley--thanks for giving her a great start to her formal education!! We love you!


Ella Grace also finished up gymnastics this week! She loved being involved and has come a really long way since February! She and the rest of the girls in her class received a medal (which she is VERY proud of). She's looking forward to trying something new in the Fall (soccer is her latest request--we'll see)!


Annabelle's birthday (May 18th) also marked the one year anniversary of my blog! Whoo-hoo! I've surprised myself by keeping up with it for an entire year! In honor of one year, I've decided to add a new feature--more to come!


Speaking of Annabelle's birthday, did you notice the bandage over her eye in her pictures? If not, here you go...

If you ask her, she'll proudly tell you the story of how she fell while jumping on a trampoline "yesterday" (it's yesterday every time she tells the story!) and hit her head on the "metal part." She was a tough one--wanted to get back on the trampoline later (we said no)! We opted out of the drama of a stitch or two!

What's she eating for her birthday breakfast?? One of our faves and her request--French Toast Bake! Will post a recipe someday!


Katie insists on walking these days. She rarely crawls anymore; if she falls, she gets right back up. Fall she did a few weeks ago--right onto our stone hearth! She cut the inside of her mouth pretty badly, but it could have been much, much worse! Needless to say, there is foam around the hearth now!


It has been one month today since Little Man joined our crew! It's been a wild ride so far! Much to be thankful for, much we've learned, many tears we've shed! We're all still adjusting, but I'm thinking through a post on what we've learned so far in this journey God's put us on!


We are spending the weekend with house guests! Our dear friends, the Thomas' are in town and we're planning a fun visit! Hope your Memorial Day is...well...memorable!

Thanks for hanging with me this long!

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