Friday, September 4, 2009

Bowl Full of Bubbles

All my kids love this!
My five year old!
My three year olds!
My one year old!
Mom's a pretty big fan too since it keeps them busy for a while!

Step 1: Fill your sink with dish soap and water (you could use bubble sollution if you're worried they'll eat it)!

Step 2: With a hand mixer, "mix" the water so that bubbles reproduce (I'm sure there is a scientific explaination here, but that's beside the point)!
Step 3: Spoon bubbles from the top of the water into a bowl.

Step 4: Load 'em up with some shovels, spoons, measuring cups, small bowls, etc.

Step 5: Go read a magazine while they play! HA!
Have fun!
PS~Clean up's a breeze when you're playing with soap!


Mom of 3 Boys said...

Wow! Great Idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Christie said...

Very good idea. Thanks Mary Beth! I have also used your painting with cars with my Preschool class. Another great idea. Thanks a bunch.