Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bulleted Update

I've decided the easiest way to get you up to speed is to hit each member of our family:

  • is beginning to write his dissertation!

  • is working hard at RHS!

  • is wrapped around 4 little fingers (five if you count mine!) tighter than ever before!


  • is busy!

  • is learning to ask for help!

  • is loving the ages 6, 4, 2 and 6 months!

Ella Grace:

  • is reading like a crazy girl. Evidence that she's enjoying American biographies: she came downstairs the other day to tell me that Annabelle had "the scarlet fever."

  • is still enjoying SCVCS -- her favorite subjects are history (where she is currently studying ancient Greece) and science (in which she is studying plants).

  • is the best at being a big sis!


  • is feeling a bit better (she has struggled with chronic sinus infections and has been through several rounds of testing over the past few months).

  • has taught herself to read and seems to enjoy it as much as big sister.

  • continues to amaze us with her sweet heart.


  • is SO excited that she's almost three!

  • is becoming more and more independent and gaining more and more personality with each day.

  • keeps us laughing with her unique sense of humor.

Sweet Cheeks:

  • is sitting up and rolling over; she babbles non-stop!

  • is eating rice cereal and ready to start veggies!

  • has quickly become one of the girls and found her way into each of our hearts forever.

Dixie: We said good-bye to Dixie, our 7 year old, beagle last week. It has caught us off guard how hard it was to let her go and how much we miss having her sweet personality around. I've never understood the extent of the process that people go through when losing an animal, but I'll never again doubt the profound sense of loss that one feels.

Obviously, Eric and I were much younger when we got her!
Oh my word!

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Libby said...

Oh my word, I don't think I've ever seen Eric with hair!

Sorry to hear about Dixie. Have you been surprised at the amount of crumbs under the kitchen table yet?