Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Promise Kept!


Here we are.
Another month has passed.

And I've failed to record it!

Here's some of what we've been up to:

Ella Grace:

~~losing teeth.
~~playing outside.
~~Ancient China (in History) and Ocean Life (in Science). These are her two favorite subjects.
~~swimming lessons & soccer practice.
~~learning to ride with no training wheels!

~~getting dirty.
~~going to school.
~~playing with friends.
~~swimming lessons & soccer practice.
~~bike riding.
~~digging for worms.


~~learning to ride her "big girl bike."
~~watching "Olivia" and "Dora."
~~swimming lessons & watching soccer practice (oh, how she wants to play!).
~~making friends.
~~learning her Sunday school verses.

Sweet Cheeks:

~~learning to eat new foods.
~~tummy time.
~~being cute.
~~"da-da-da-da-da" (yes, she knows who she's talking about & adores Eric).
~~hanging in the sun (see above; yes, the thighs are totally edible)!!

A quick update -- she has become our longest placement in the two years since we started fostering. **Rabbit Trail** Can you believe that it will be two years this month since Little Man came to us? His birthday is today; he'll be five. Much love and prayers go out to our kids especially on their birthdays. Missing you today, Little Man! **Rabbit Trail Ending** We don't know any more about how long we'll have her than we did 7 months ago when we picked her up. She's so sweet and has quickly just become 'one of the girls.'

A few more pics of my sweet girls (for you, Grandma & Papa!) and then I'm off to fold their not-so-sweet piles of laundry!

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papa said...

Thank you for the sweet pics and updates. They melted my heart in the cold Michigan air.