Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been avoiding this post.

I'm scared.


The Bible calls it fear of man.

We've poured out our hearts here. Often it's just me speaking for the two of us (or the five of us), but Eric and I share the same heartbeat, so I'm speaking for us.

What is my fear?

That you'll label us crazy.


I know my fear is sinful.



So . . . here goes.

I'm putting it out for all to see.

If you label us crazy, so be it.

If you label us crazy, you don't understand our hearts.

We're coming to accept the fact that some may see us crazy and we're trying to be okay with that.

Honestly, it's not like we don't see the crazy in it . . . still it is our new reality ~ crazy or not here we are.

We've taken another baby.

Don't worry! Sweet Cheeks is still around getting nibbled to pieces and we're thrilled to watch her grow and develop on track. She's off to such a good start! (She started the army crawl yesterday; pretty soon, it's gonna be on!)

She's been joined by a sweet 5 week, 5 pound little girl. I'm guessing her blog name will end up something like "Peanut," but I'm not ready to make any commitments just yet. Not until her personality starts to show up . . .

If it's possible to be completely smitten after just a few days, we are.

Completely. Smitten.

Pray for us as we start this new chapter in God's story!


Katie said...

I don't call it crazy, I see them as little blessings. You have such a good heart, and I know that you are a good Mama to these little ones.

Beth Monty said...

When you think about how Christ was viewed by man when he was on the earth you will find comfort in looking "crazy". Love you.

Alison said...

Willing to follow Jesus is crazy to most. But, in the end, it'll all prove to be genius! Isn't that how all genius endings begin anyway?

Love you and can't wait to meet - I say "Jelly Bean" - soon!!