Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies & The 5 Senses Sentences

I think I may have finally found the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies! The girls and I have been wanting to try this recipe because it meets a few criteria essential (in my opinion) to a good chocolate chip cookie: it uses butter (no shortening); it uses milk chocolate chips (yum!); it has a secret ingredient (vanilla pudding mix ~ shhhh!); and they are soft, not crunchy (will let you know if they stay that way)!

Today, we got the chance to try them out.  Little did I know that Annabelle had a homework assignment that was a little more time consuming than she's had yet this year.  However, it worked out well since she could use our cookie making time as her subject matter.

Her class has been studying the 5 senses this week -- or as she calls them her 5 sentences -- totally love this and haven't corrected her all week (is that horrible?  Don't worry, her big sister makes sure she knows)!  Today, she had to make a "web" with a subject and then write the way the subject smelled, looked, felt, sounded, and tasted.  Wa-lah!  Subject = chocolate chip cookies!

After the brainstorming "web" she was supposed to write five sentences about the chosen subject (can I even tell you how much the English teacher in me loves this??):

Because my picture quality is lacking and because some of you may not be used to reading phonetically, allow me:

I made chocolate chip cookies.  
The mixr (mixer) made a soud (sound).  
That soud (sound) was buzz.  
The cookies smelld (smelled) good.  
They fellt (felt) hot.  
They tastid (tasted) good. 

by Annabelle Williams (9-1-11)

Her sentences are packed in her backpack as well as some samples for her teachers!

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Dawn said...

We'll have to try those out! My favorite recipe is here :

I've only used butter (no margarine here) and they've been terrific....soft and chewy.

Hope you guys are going well!!