Sunday, October 16, 2011


October is halfway over and I haven't even posted once.  Is it just us, or is your October super-busy?  Going to type whatever comes to mind . . . it's sure to be random!

The girls just had two days off of school.  Days like that make me realize how much I miss having them home!  Don't get me wrong ~ they love school and I'm adjusting to having some time to myself (if you count myself as me and Peanut)!  I have been surprised at how hard it's been for me to adjust having actual time to get something  done.  It was really like I went from 5 kids to half a kid in just a few weeks and it's been a challenge to figure out how to do life this way.  Weird, I know.

Reading some really good and really challenging books right now! My "mom's Bible study group" is going through  When God Weeps.  Our small group is reading Radical.  Scared of that one!  And some sweet women in my life are reading What Women Fear with me.  All convicting especially coupled with our church's study through 2 Corinthians.

The girls slept in sponge curlers last night.  There is one in the toilet upstairs.  I imagine one of them went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and it fell in.  Gross.  Told you, random!

Can I end on that note?  More random to come this week, I'm sure!

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Alison said...

Can totally relate to a few points. One - busy! Two - how to figure out the time management thing. It's an ebb and flow for me on the time thing it seems. Just when we settle into a routine and I feel like I'm finding myself hunting for stuff to do, Ethan changes it up just enough to throw me out of whack again. Let me know when you discover your best workflow!

Oh, let me know how Radical is turning out. I've had some interest in that for our ladies' study that it may form up our way, too.