Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Glimpse into Our Everyday Talk

Katie:  Mom, when are you going to have another baby in your tummy?

Me:  Um . . . I'm not planning on that happening again . . . ever!

Katie:  Well, you can't make plans like that, only God can make those kinds of plans!


Annabelle:  Mom, So-and-so likes me!

Me:  Great!  He's a nice boy and you like him too!

Annabelle:  No, Mom, he LIKE likes me!

Me:  Well, super,  you like him a lot too!

Annabelle:  MOM!  No!  He LOVE likes me!


Katie:  Mom, you know when I get big enough to get married . . .?

Me:  Uh-huh.

Katie:  Well, how will God tell me which boy is the right boy to marry?

(One friend said my response should have been, "He'll tell me and I'll let you know!"  I wasn't as quick on the draw!)


Love these little girls and the way their little brains work!!

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papa said...

I sooooooo love these everyday talks..Got a little teary eyed on that one. Thanks