Monday, April 16, 2012

It Takes a Village

I've mentioned several times before what a gift it is to our family to live in community with an amazing group from our church.  This weekend, I was reminded again how much I love these families, their unique children and the fact that we are raising them together!

Several months ago, after the passing of Eric's Grandmother, the girls were excited to get some of her costume jewelry.  I love that they treasure it because of who it belonged to and not because of its monetary value.  Well, Great Grandma didn't have pierced ears, so each girl got a pair of clip on earrings.  On Saturday, Katie sported hers at her sister's soccer game.  On the way home, she clipped them to her nose.  Then, she looked at her Daddy and said:

"Look, Daddy, now I'm beautiful -- just like Ms. Jessica!"

Eric and I were delighted!!  You see, Jessica is one of the most selfless wives I know.  She's also one of the most patient and loving moms I know.  If one of our daughters grows up to be like her, we'd be beyond thrilled!

We were also delighted to hear about Jack's question to his mom and dad after seeing the ultrasound picture of his new little sister (who will be here one week from today!!)!!  Jack's, who is in kindergarten, asked if his new sister was going to have brown skin!

That is a LOL moment!  Not one where you just say LOL because it's sort of cute -- it's hilarious!

But beautiful to me too.

It's beautiful because our baby girl has brown skin; and that is normal to Jack!

It's beautiful because the newest baby in our group, Jeremiah, has brown skin. (Please click on this link and read the story of his adoption -- it's worth your time)!

And to Jack, that's normal.  Why wouldn't his new sister have brown skin too?


Though there isn't much I agree(d) with Hillary Clinton on, perhaps she was on to something when she said it takes a village to raise a child.  I doubt we were talking about the same type of "village," but I am thankful for the community God has placed around Eric and I as we play out our part in His story -- particularly the part we play as parents.

Ben and Tracy, Mark and Cindy, Matt and Jessica, Rick and Melissa, Mark and Susan, Mark and Sudeana & Britt and Brittany -- we love you guys!

Here's to long, long time of doing this together . . .

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