Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal: Met!

My goal for our Summer was to chill.
To relax our very scheduled existence.
To enjoy my children without worrying about every little detail of every little thing.

Goal:  met!

We had an incredible Summer filled with too many adventures to cover here!

A few highlights:

Our trip to Michigan to visit the Williams' side of the family.

Our trip with the Powell side to the cabin.

Our family trip to Atlanta and Stone Mountain.
I have hundreds of blog worthy pictures, but, the reality is that they'll never be posted or blogged about.  That was part of my plan!  Not to blog.  I really wanted to journal -- you know -- the old fashioned pen and paper way.  That didn't happen, but I'm not too worried about it!  See how good I was at meeting my goal?

Alas, Labor Day has passed, school has been in session for a few weeks and Summer is officially over!  I will say that I'm paying dearly now for the summer-adapted, laid back attitude.  My kiddos (and myself) are having a hard time getting back into the routine!  No regrets -- just, maybe, we should've started back into the routine a little sooner than, well, the first day of school.

Oh well!  I have several things in the works to get us (re)organized and back on schedule!  I'm planning to share many here in case you are facing some of the same difficulties we are!  Also will update soon on our family dynamic and the process of adoption!!

Until then . . .

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papa said...

I have never been so thankful to see someone you love reach their goal!