Thursday, September 5, 2013

Am I Allowed?

Here I sit.

In an empty house.

Alone in our home.

I can't remember the last time that happened.

9 years ago?

So, I decide to write?


Am I still allowed?

Has it been too long?

My kids have all started school in the past few weeks.

Ella Grace, 4th grade.

Annabelle, 2nd.

Katie, Kindergarten (how can that be?).

Kanius, 4K.

And, Brielle started three days a week in a two year old class this week.

So, it's me and Mo, our dog.

Laundry is running; bread is baking; dinner is prepped for tonight.

Starting a new school year brings mixed emotions for me.  I like my kids being at home.  I also like the structure that being in school provides, and, honestly, my kids crave that structure.  Usually, we are all ready for the schedule, but not ready for our Summer to come to a close.


My emotions are also mixed because it's yet another reminder of the passage of time.  My sweeties will only stay under my roof for a little while and then I'll launch them out into this big, scary, exciting, adventure we call life.  Despite every warning to "treasure every moment," I find myself sad that time is passing so quickly.

I am trying to remind myself that in the midst of "treasuring every moment," real life happens.  There are still groceries to buy, spelling words to call out, car lines to sit in, dinner to make, baths to take . . . The truth I am trying to preach myself is that not every moment has to be a big production to be treasured.  Life happens in the day to day and that is where my children will learn most about how to live out their own adventure.

So, if I'm still allowed, I may use some of my new found time to blog about some of that day to day with five kids, a dog and an amazing man!

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