Friday, July 18, 2008

The Problem With All Girls... that I have to take everyone to the potty. We went out to dinner tonight, and I actually feel like I saw more of the bathroom than the restaurant. Here's the breakdown:

1. Took Ella Grace before dinner
2. Took Annabelle before dinner
3. Changed Katie's diaper halfway through dinner
4. Went and rinsed Katie's pacifier which had fallen on the restaurant floor
5. Took Ella Grace after dinner (decided I might as well go too)
6. Took Annabelle after dinner

We actually had a great evening that ended with ice cream from Hilton Head Ice Cream.

This face says it was yummy! As has been our week...we put two teary eyed girls to bed tonight who "don't want to go home." We promised to get them up early for shell hunting and one last jaunt in the ocean before loading the car and heading out!

Oh...despite the bathroom trips, one of the best things about having all girls: they adore their daddy!


Beth Monty said...

Oh Mary..Sophie was the same way. She cried so hard the morning we left and is still saying she misses the "beach house". I am sorry you have to leave but so glad you are coming back! The last picture is priceless..Katie is really looking different from her sisters to i crazy?

Anna said...

She looks like Eric there!! :)