Monday, July 14, 2008

The Sandbox

We are spending the week at one of our favorite places on earth: Hilton Head Island! This morning we visited The Sandbox, a children's museum. The girls loved it!! Here are a few highlights:

Pirate Annabelle sailing her ship!

Doctor Ella Grace checking out her baby sister!

They had one room dedicated to arts and crafts. Those who know our girls, know that this is where the majority of our time was spent. Here are their creations:

And one more......cute group shot!


Beth Monty said...

Okay..jealous...where is the sandbox???

Mary Beth said...

Right around the corner from Sea Pines! You guys should totally check it out the next time you're here...Sophie and Polly would have a ball!!

Anna said...

I had already seen an ad for the "Sandbox" recently, but now that I see how much your girls loved it, I'll definitely have to take Weston! It reminds me of "Ed Venture" in Columbia. Looking forward to seeing you guys Thurs. night!

Mary Beth said...

Addison would love it too...there is one area dedicated to little ones! We're looking forward to Thursday too!