Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Boys

A few months ago, my sister and her family moved out to our neck of the woods! Though our kids spent a lot of time together anyway, we're so excited that they are closer! We "switch" kids almost weekly, and if we go more than that, my girls are asking when the boys are coming over!

We notice the influence of their boy cousins on our girls in a lot of ways. The other day I overheard Ella Grace tell Annabelle: "We need to kill those bad guys!" I was a bit taken back, but decided to wait it out and see where she went with it. She continued: "Annabelle, kill me, I'm a bad guy!" Then I heard, "Thank you very much, Annabelle, for killing me!" Ha! She had no idea what she was talking about, she'd just overheard Gabe and Christian and was imitating--hey, at least she was polite.

Last night the boys were over while Rick and Melissa went out. The dress up clothes were out and the kids were dressing up to put on a "show". They came downstairs in several different "costumes": clowns, ladybugs, puppy dogs...and then Christian came down wearing a tiarra and purple high heels declaring to us all that he was the prince! Sorry, Rick!

After dinner, we all sat down for popcorn and a movie. When it was bedtime, I sent each kid into use the potty--Annabelle ended up being last. We're still in the process of potty training, so I went in to help. I found her on top of the potty on all fours. "Annabelle, do you need some help getting up," I asked as I picked her up and turned her around to sit properly on the potty. "NO, Momma! I want to do it like Christian does it!" Whoa, maybe a bit too much imitation there! =)

Thanks for sharing your boys with us, guys! They are the next best thing to having our own boys, and they balance out this girlie house well! We love you!

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sarah said...

ha ha! that's so fun!
our boys need a "girlie house" that they can visit more often :)
ha ha!