Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We're recovering from the dreaded stomach bug at our house! Both "big girls" have had it, but are feeling great today!

In spite of the desperate need for a trip to the grocery store, we spent the morning at home...everything was going so well, and, I'll be honest, a trip to the grocery store can change everyone's mood! I love days like this that we can be home uninterrupted--these days are few and far between at our house, so when they come, I treasure them! The girls played beautifully together by building with every kind of block we have--K'nex, Legos, Lincoln Logs, & Bristle Blocks--a city populated with Little People and plastic animals and completed with train tracks! This picture captures the essense of our day thus far...note the fire in the fireplace--and, if you could hear the picture, you'd hear Christmas music playing in the background!

We're also working on a Christmas-y craft--the paint is still drying, but I'll post pictures later!

There is, of course, still the issue of the grocery store. I'm thinking no one will complain about grits and eggs for dinner tonight!

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Alison said...

Little people?! I want to play too. I loved the little people. :)