Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Letter ~ 2008

It's been several years since I've written a Christmas Letter from the Williams' family. Since most of you have already gotten our Christmas card from this year, you know that this year is no exception. However, there are a few things from 2008 that I'd like to remember...humor me as I take a little walk through this past year in the life of our family.

Obviously, the most memorable thing about this past year happened in February. We welcomed another blond beauty to our family. Katie has melted into us as if she's been here all along. She's got a flair for the unexpected, likes to cuddle before sleeping, has a delightful laugh, adores her big sisters, lights up for no one else like she does her daddy, and loves her momma!

Her birth started the whirlwind of the next several months as we decided to sell our first home. It was quite an ordeal--one in which we learned a lot about ourselves and a lot about other people. We moved into a beautiful home in June and are still settling in to our new space.

Ella Grace has grown from toddler hood into a little girl over the past year. She has a sensitive spirit that is a delight to watch. She is creative--her favorite pastime involves scissors, glue, scrap paper, stickers, etc. We are excited to watch as the Lord continues to pursue her heart!

Annabelle--our middle girl--puts a smile on every one's face! She fills the role of little sister and big sister perfectly! Her sense of humor and independent spirit keep us on our toes. She loves to give hugs and kisses and wins the hearts of almost everyone she meets.

Eric and I? We've been busy! The adjustment to three kids has been...well...let's just say, an adjustment! Eric continues work on his Ph.D. and I continue to play at running a small business. I think the thing both of us will remember personally from this past year is the way the Lord has worked in each of our hearts individually and as a couple. There is much to come in our lives over the next year--we are excited to share our journey with each of you.

Merry Christmas to each of you--thank you for being a part of our story as we seek to find our place in His.



sarah said...

cute card ... AND cute picture of the 5 of you :) getting a picture where everyone is looking and smiling isn't easy :) ha ha :) merry christmas, williams!!

Tami said...

It was so good to see you guys after Christmas! I cannot believe the girls:) They take my breath away, life passes so quickly. Hope the trip home & the surgery went well & that Katie is on the mend. Love you guys:)