Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's hard to know how to put the events of the last week into words. Maybe I shouldn't even attempt, but part of me wants to never forget how God has shown up in this process in clear, evident ways for Eric, myself, and our girls. Our girls are too small to understand all that is happening, so I want them to be able to one day read about the kind of God who makes Himself known in the day to day-ness of our lives.

We were approached last week by our Caseworker (CW) about the possibility of taking a boy for a month or two. Because it was fairly temporary and because we were anxious for a placement, we agreed. Due to circumstances beyond our control, that placement didn't happen. But, our CW told us about another little boy who needed a home.

Eric and I spoke briefly about it on the phone, coming to the conclusion that we didn't have to make a decision immediately and agreeing to talk when he got home.

I began drying my hair (it was 3:00 in the afternoon--Moms, you know how that goes, right?) and started to dialogue with God. "Really, God? For real?"

Hear me when I say that I've heard people relate stories like this before and thought that they were totally crazy. I guess it's okay if you think I'm crazy.

As clearly as if He'd written it in the sky God asked: "When exactly did you begin picturing your family without boys?"

It's a good question. I guess the answer would have to be when I started giving birth to girl, girl, and girl! But, in all honesty, like all couples, before children came, there were some of each in our dreams.

It was clear to me in that instant that our answer had to be yes. That for this time in our lives, this was the child God has chosen for us. Is it crazy? This entire ride has been crazy, so I'm not sure why I'm surprised. I think I even told a friend at one point that God was crazy! He does ask us to do crazy things. And He does work in crazy ways.

On Tuesday afternoon our little boy arrived. We are bound by laws of confidentiality, so his name or picture will never be found here.

We've found that having a boy in the house changes a lot of the tempo of our home, confirming what we've always known to be true: little boys and little girls are very different.

He walked over to the play kitchen in the playroom soon after his arrival, picked up a few pots, declared that he was going to "cook something" and proceeded to bang the pots together!

We were walking through the mall yesterday and he sang, ran, jumped, and whooped, and listened to his echo the entire time we were there. He attracted the knowing smiles of many!

I was explaining part of our nap time routine to him yesterday: how we have a quiet time and then we take naps. His response: "I don't know how to be quiet!"

Of course, when we are out, I get the comment "Boy, your hands are full!" and the question, "Are they all yours?" It's an understandable question since I'm towing a one, two, three, and four year old around! But it's one I'm not sure how to answer at this moment. Today I answered, "He's not." and Ella Grace came back with, "Yes he is!" Bless her sweet, tender heart! Our girls have loved on this little boy like crazy!

The obvious question from us is what lies ahead. For now, we're resting in the fact that God can be trusted! He's shown us that if nothing else. We're enjoying Him by loving on four little kiddos that keep us on our toes, keep us busier than busy, and keep us laughing 24/7!


sarah said...

oh how i wish i could see a picture - simply because i am trying to imagine you with 3 girls and one little boy :)

you are so cute ;)

Anna said...

I'm with Sarah, I'd love to see you with a little boy. :) So Glad to see God working in your life! Thanks for sharing.

Alison said...

Congratulations on your little boy, then! It'll be fun, I'm sure. Plus, your sister can help coach you on all the little boy stuff, right? :)

I thought the MHM banquet last night with the testimony from another Williams family on their multiple foster kid and adoption stories had a great I'm sure I'd need to know if I were in your shoes or in their shoes. They mentioned that you have to be careful about wanting to "babysit" a foster child. Instead you give it over to the Lord 100% and love them "with all you have!" So, this little boy is YOURS! He is for this time 100% under your and Eric's care. Feel free to call him that as the Lord has placed him in your home fully for the time being. What an honor and a blessing for you both!

Praying for you, loving you, and waiting to hear more stories and see the pictures now! :)