Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter Baskets

We've never done the "traditional" for Easter baskets. We skip the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans (don't worry, we got tons of candy from the Easter Egg hunts with our friends and family). One year each kid got a new DVD, one year a new baby doll...

This year the girls hunted for eggs with clues inside that led them to the coat closet where their baskets were hidden (thanks, Tracy, for the fun idea)!

This year, they found art boxes in their baskets.

Each box contains things the girls can work with independently: scissors, crayons, foam stamps, a glue stick, pom poms, google eyes, etc. The theory is that they'll be able to clean up independently also (we'll see how that goes!)! The boxes are small enough that they can easily be transported to the doctor's office, a restaurant with a long wait, gymnastics, an extended car ride, etc. For the curious, Katie got a new set of markers designed for little ones and her very own Magna Doodle (which she's dragged along behind her all afternoon).

What about you? What did your kids get in their baskets this year? Any creative ideas for us next year?


Anna said...

Weston got super hero themed stuff, since that is what he's into these days...super man pjs with a cape, super man classic dvd, and a batman game. He also got another of the Leap Frog Letter factory dvd's. Addison got more Fisher Price furniture for her collection for her My First Dollhouse, a care bear ball, pjs, and a little doggie that barks and walks when you push a remote control. Those are all things that she is into these days. They got only one or two candy pieces, as we try to do more toys that they can play with than candy! I like your art box idea, too. May use that in the future!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

Those are too cute!! Where did you get them?! I have a neice's B-day coming on Sat and that would be perfect for her. Do you make these too?