Monday, June 22, 2009

Make-It Monday: Paper Dolls

  • paper grocery bag
  • old magazines
  • scissors
  • glue sticks


  1. Cut a simple person shape out of paper bags (I got four out of each paper bag by folding accordian style and cutting them all at once).
  2. Flip through a magazine cutting people parts: eyes, noses, mouths, and pretty patterns for clothing (and hats which we cut onto our girls). Note that we couldn't find all the parts that we needed, so we settled for things that were shaped as circles for eyes and noses.
  3. Glue the body parts onto your shapes, color on shoes and fancy socks. Wa-lah!
Things I wish I'd known:
  1. One person (maybe two) would have been enough. Four each was a little time consuming and the girls lost interest after a while.
  2. Plan on vacuuming when you're finished!
  3. My girls loved this craft and won't throw their "dolls" away. For now, they are hanging in the windows of our playroom.

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