Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foster Care Review Board

Today Eric and I were a part of a proceeding called "Foster Care Review Board." It takes place every six months for each child who is in Foster Care. The room consisted of the board, a representative from the State Department, Little Man's caseworker, his parents, and Eric and I.

There aren't many details that are appropriate to share in this forum. It was an emotional experience for me...I was, in fact, really surprised at the emotions I felt.

This is, however, an appropriate place to thank God for showing up in real, tangible, obvious ways for me today. I know You were there, because, well, because, You're God...but You were there in person for me. The past few months have been a crazy ride--one in which I've questioned You daily. You have hung with me, though, and made it clear throughout that we are doing the right thing. The next few weeks promise more craziness--be near, Lord Jesus!

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