Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worry--According to Annabelle

A little background. We've lost all three of our Beta fish in the past two weeks. They started swimming funny and died a few hours later. After the first one died, I tried to prepare the girls a little when I saw the others following the same path. In our conversation, I said something like, "I'm a little worried about Scarlett/Glow/Nemo; he's swimming kind of funny, and I think he might die."

Eric read the kids part of the Sermon on the Mount from one of our favorite Bible story books tonight. As we finished, we were talking about the flowers and the God loves us much more than these things and how we shouldn't worry about Him taking care of us. Annabelle's response:

"Well, except it's okay to worry just a little bit about our fish when they're looking a little silly?!?"

Eric was speechless in response.

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