Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Have So Much to Blog About

I'm not sure where to start!
Excuse my brief, unplanned hiatus.
I guess I could start by telling you about our second foster care placement.
It's a long, a really, really, really long (and equally amazing) story! I promise to share more, but it will take more than one post for me to hit on the high points!
Maybe, instead, I'll start with our Thanksgiving.

It's just that Thanksgiving seems so long ago.
Perhaps a better place to start would be our trip to cut down...

...our be-a-u-tiful Christmas Tree.

I would tell you about Katie's first hair cut.

But the picture pretty much says it all!

I could update you on her paci success! On a side note, she wouldn't accept the balloon offered after her haircut. You don't think I've forever turned her against balloons? Do you?

Or I could share about her success in moving into a big girl bed.

Is it just me, or has she grown way up in the past few weeks?

I could write all about the sweet RHS Cheerleaders who let the girls "cheer" with them at the basketball game. The girls think they're so cool now!

It's just that all that is so yesterday's news.

For now, I guess, I'll apologize again and remind you all that...

...we love you from the bottom of our hearts!


carolinagirl said...

What a cute post! Thanks for sharing all those memories with your blog readers!

Alison said...

HAHA! What a great "ending" to your post. Little plumber in the making, I think. :)

sarah said...

ha ha :)

thinking you should've done that as your christmas card -

i can think of so many good captions ;)