Monday, December 14, 2009


There were hundreds of miracles during the few days that we had Baby L--many we'll never even know. We did witness one, though, in a profound way. So profound, in fact, that it went undenied by all - no matter their belief system. No caseworker, social worker, DSS official, nurse, doctor, therapist, no one that we came in contact with during those days could deny that the fact that Baby L being brought to our home was a miracle.

It happened by 4 AM; Baby L was in our home, our arms, and our hearts forever.
He arrived with a bug infested car seat, 2 cans of formula, a half eaten bottle the “police had made for him,” and a bottle of medication we were told was cough syrup.
As we got him out of the car seat (and it out of our house) and changed him to dry clothing, we began to look more closely at the medication. The prescribing physician was a pediatric cardiologist--one who attends our church--has taught our children in Sunday School.
Not someone who writes prescriptions for cough medicine on a regular basis.
After a quick search on the computer, we determined the medicine was a beta blocker, a heart medicine used primarily in adults to control high blood pressure.
It was the ultimate oxymoron as we were terrified to give it to him and equally terrified of the results of not giving it to him.
Early that November morning, we knew without a doubt that it was a miracle that we knew the doctor.
It was a miracle that this baby was brought to our home.


Anna said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story, MaryBeth! Our neighbors, who have gotten to be good friends (and she teaches Spanish for Bob at JBE) are awaiting their first foster child, they recently received their licensing. Can't wait to see God work through them, too!

carolinagirl said...

What happened next???

You do a great job leaving me hanging and wanting to know more of the story each day!

We loved your Christmas card! Thanks for thinking of us this Christmas season.