Saturday, February 13, 2010

Katie's 2!

So much about two years ago on this day is crystal clear in my memory. In many ways, Katie's was the same as the two previous deliveries, but in many ways it was different. In the same way, Katie is, in many ways, like her big sisters, but she's also her own girl!

She was delighted today to be the center of attention! We were delighted to kiss on her, sing to her, ask her how old she is (answering below: "I'm two!"). . . watch her enjoy her day.

It's worth noting that it snowed a beautiful, soft snow on her second birthday. For those who aren't local, that's unusual! We normally get either ice or a cold, wet rain. I can't remember the last time it snowed like this! It was perfect snowman-building!

Sweet Katie, you amaze us everyday with your love for life! You love your sisters and each little boy that has come through our home in the past year without abandon! You are a daddy's girl and love to snuggle your momma!

You are passionate!

Happy Birthday, Katherine Loren! We love you!

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sarah said...

happy birthday, katie!!

glad you guys got some snow to play in!!