Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June=An Obvious Failure!


Where is this summer going?? It's flying by for us!

Most of you know, Eric is off for a few weeks in the summer and we've been on the road most of his time off!

Here's what I learned from the month of June: It's really easier to blog everyday than it is to catch up on a month's worth of happenings!! Obviously, I failed my goal of blogging every day in June!

Not to make excuses, but we have been a little busy around here!

We traveled to Michigan to see Eric's mom and dad -- stopped in Louisville, KY on the way up to see my brother and his family!

We came home for a few days and then met my family in the NC mountains for some time together.

We are home for a few days this week and on Saturday we leave for Hilton Head Island -- one of our favorite vacay spots ever!! We are all very excited for some time away together!

What else have we been up to? Here's a little perspective on our foster care experience for you: we've had seven kids in our home in the past 15 months and 4 of them have come through our home in the past month. It's been a difficult time with a lot of transition for all of us! We are "taking a break" as we pray and listen, hoping the Lord makes it clear to us what is next in this journey. Many have given advice and we value the "council of many," but mostly, we invite you join us in praying for clarity.

I will catch us up this week with pictures and stories of our travels and hopefully keep updating as we enjoy HHI next week!!

Thanks for reading and encouraging me to start posting again . . .

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Sudeana said...

Something seems more right with the world now that there is a new post on your blog :) Love you and praying!!