Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Heart Weekends!

A week from tomorrow we'll be celebrating a birthday. She's requested "a shirt and pants" birthday outfit! Love a girl who knows what she wants! I picked up some fabric in Michigan while there at Christmas with her birthday in mind. Eric took the girls out to breakfast and a little "daddy/daughter time" this morning (thank you, Sweetie, for allowing me time to create! I love you for so many reasons).

With a quiet house, my Singer, my ironing board (which my mother, who taught me to sew, religiously set up every time the sewing machine was out . . . now I do the same!), and a little of this playing in the background, I started the birthday outfit! I'll post the finished product soon!

The truth is that I haven't sewn in a really, really long time. It's one of the sacrifices that have had to be made to have Ella Grace at home this year. I'm okay with that sacrifice, but, truth be told, I have missed my happy place! Felt good to be back!

With last night's date at one of our favorites, a morning of sewing, this in the crock pot for dinner, and a family movie night tonight (watching something Eric and I watched as kids, we're excited!), this is shaping up to be a great weekend!! There's also that little event called The Super Bowl . . . Eric is heading to a party . . . I think I may head back to my happy place!!

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Anna said...

I got a sewing machine from Bob for Christmas...I am DETERMINED to learn to sew! Can't wait to see what you created in your happy place...