Monday, November 21, 2011


For the past five weeks, Ella Grace and Annabelle have been taking an art class from The Greenville County Museum of Art.  To end their class, "Animals in Art," their work was showcased in an art show!

They made Eric Carle inspired animals by making collages out of painted paper.  Annabelle's is a fish with the sunset overhead.  And Ella Grace's is a dog with complete with a food bowl and a rug.

They used canvases to paint (which they both thought was so cool!) an animal of their choice.  Annabelle painted a lion and Ella Grace painted a blue dog.

They also made sculptures out of wood scraps glued together.

Also, not pictured, they worked with pastels to learn how to blend colors.  They each drew a bird and they are amazing!  I love how the class used many different mediums and types of art for each project -- I feel like the girls were exposed to a lot in a short period of time!  The teachers were amazing and I think it's pretty incredible that they finished 4 projects in only 5 weeks!  The girls are already planning which class they want to take next!

As for me, I'm trying to figure out how to display all of it --
 it's so amazing that I hate to hide it all in a box someplace!  



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