Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a Hard Life . . .

It's hard being the only boy in a house full of sisters!

A few things I've been known to shout say in the past few weeks:

"Don't forget you're a boy!"

(This is in reference to using the bathroom.  I'm telling you, it's hard when NO one else has to take the extra second to put the seat up -- and back down -- SOFTLY!  Hard!)

"He's not hitting you!  He's touching you!  He's a boy.  Boys touch differently than girls touch!"

(This is in reference to the hundreds of times a day I'm told by one of the girls that they've been hit by their brother.)

Things are certainly different with a boy around.



More chaotic.

But, we are all learning to live and love in spite of (and often because of) our differences!

I also must say, I'm enjoying that mysterious connection between a momma and her boy.  Not saying that I was missing something before . . . just saying that I'm enjoying it now!

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