Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The End of the Beginning

"I liked doing the projects!" is Ella Grace's answer if you ask her what her favorite thing about this school year was. Today was the last day of her first year of "formal" education! I'm feeling a bit sentimental about it! I know, I know; she only went for a few hours two days a week, but still...

We've seen Ella Grace grow in ways we couldn't have imagined by being away from us for that few hours each week. She slides down almost any slide without fear. She plays well with other kids--even ones she doesn't really know. She knows how to write her name and almost every letter in the alphabet. She's gained confidence in herself and empathy for her friends. She enjoys learning. She's learned better how to "love her neighbor" and "do unto others". She likes to try new things and has a vivid and entertaining imagination.

We know all of this is, in large part, due to her phenomenal teacher, Mrs. Bagley. Her encouragement, prodding, and genuine love for our little girl was something that we will forever be grateful for! Mrs. Bagley, could you keep teaching long enough for Annabelle and Katie to be in your class, please??!!??

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