Friday, May 23, 2008

Today's Sitcom Moment

Do you ever get the feeling that you're stuck in a sitcom? What I mean is, something is happening to you that would truly be funny if you were watching it unfold on TV? This often (almost daily) happens to me; most of the time I actually look around to see if people are indeed watching and laughing!

Today the girls and I stopped at McDonalds for lunch. A bit frazzled looking, I think, (since the guy behind the counter commented that it looked like I had my hands full) I ordered two Happy Meals and a sweet tea and we headed into the play area to eat. Katie was hungry so I began to feed her. At the halfway point Ella Grace announced that she needed to go potty. Out loud I said, "Can you wait?" In my head I'm screaming "Are you kidding me?" "Yes." she said out loud, but the look in her eye screamed back at me, "No!" (I've learned not to mess with that look--once in Wendy's; nevermind, that's another "sitcom moment" for another day). As I pull Katie back to make the trek to the bathroom, she spit up. This isn't unusual, but this time it landed down the front of my pants in such a way that it looked as though I'd wet myself. And off we went: Me, wet pants and all, Katie over my shoulder, Ella Grace and Annabelle poking along behind--what a sight I'm sure we were.

We'd just gotten settled back into eating--Katie and me in the corner--Ella Grace and Annabelle back to their cheeseburgers, when Ella Grace declares that she has to go to the bathroom...again. This time I think I really said, "Are you KIDDING me??" Again, we marched back to the bathroom--past the same tables full of the same people watching the same parade they'd witnessed only moments before. To their questioning looks, I answered: "Yes, I know it's unbelievable, but we're going BACK!" Most of them sympathetically answered that it really wasn't unbelievable with three little girls. This time before we left the bathroom I asked, "Is there anything else anywhere that needs to come out of your body?" Maybe I should make that a standard question from now on?

We did finally make it out of McDonalds with three full little tummies, two new junk toys, and one tired out momma! Oh yeah, and one very empty bladder!


sarah said...

isn't that ALWAYS the way it seems to happen!

i swear i deserve an award for nursing and wiping a butt at the same time ;) ha ha :)

glad you all made it out with mostly dry pants!

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