Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Big Number 4!

We're currently offline (it's driving me crazy!), but I'm going to write about my oldest darling while borrowing from someone else's wireless connection...try to picture her in her sweet birthday outfit; we can't find which box our camera is in, so you'll have to use your imagination!

Ella Grace's birthday was all about the number this year. She is so excited to be four! For me, four seems a little like we're leaving the toddler years behind and embarking on girlhood. Of course, with this view, my emotions are mixed, but I am looking forward to new experiences we'll have together. Yesterday (which was her actual birthday) we passed a manicure place and she asked if we could go get our toenails painted together. I said maybe when she was a little older; she came back with, "I think four's prob'ly good, Mom!"

Ella Grace, there are more than four million things I love about you, but here are four to mark your fourth year being my biggest little girl:

1. I love your sweet spirit. You truly want to please others not because of what they think of you, but purely because you have a sweet heart.
2. I love the way you love your sisters. They are so blessed to have you to look to as their big "sissy"! I pray that you'll be best friends for always!
3. I love your sensitive heart. My prayer for you is that you'll always be as sensitive to the Lord as you are right now.
4. I love the way you love me. Your love is unashamed, lavish, and makes me feel so special. Thanks for being my noodle bug!


sarah said...

happy birthday ella grace! 4 years old ... wow! you are getting so old!! i wish i was there to share some cake with you!

Beth Monty said...

Its good to know I am not the only sap effected by these milestones!! Sweet Sophie will 4.5by the end of the summer and I have to say there is a huge difference between 3 and 4. When I look back at her 3 year old pics I can hardly bear it...wait this was about your child right? Oops...sorry...congrats on making it this far Mama and thank you for being a source of encouragment to me along the way....xxoo