Sunday, June 15, 2008

To the Fathers in My Life

Happy Father's Day to three of the greatest men I know: my husband, my daddy, and my father-in-law!

Eric, the father of my children: as a girl I dreamed of what my life would be like. Never could I have pictured it as it is. That is in large part because you are my sweetheart. Thanks for giving me our girls and for loving them with a love like no other. You are the perfect daddy to them and, as it should be, they adore you. I often pray that they are blessed with a husband who leads like you do and loves like you do. I love you beyond comprehension!

Daddy, the father of my childhood: those dreams I dreamed as a little girl were centered, in large part, around the love I had for you. Because of the man you are, I looked for a husband who had a heart for the Lord, a heart for his wife, and a heart for his children. Thanks for making my childhood sweet and for loving my girls enough to make theirs sweet too. I love and adore you!

Dad, the father of my husband: you and Mom raised a boy who should make you so proud! Thanks for teaching him to love the Lord and for instilling in him a sensitivity that is rare. Your grand daughters are blessed to have you to love them--they certainly love you more than imaginable! I love you too!

And, to the Lord, my Holy Father: Your love surpasses my understanding. The idea that You allow me to be a part of Your story is both humbling and powerful! Thank you for men to love me and my girls that first love You with a bold love. Thank You for loving me enough to give me so many blessings, but, more than that, thanks for loving me enough not to leave me who I am! I love You, I love You!

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