Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Change

Something has happened at our house in the past few days. I can't put a finger on when or where it happened exactly, but it's definitely happened. Katie has passed from infant hood into babyhood. She's no longer that helpless little blob of a girl, she's a sweet baby girl with a lot of personality!

Here's some signs that the change has taken place:
~She's content to balance on your hip instead of being cradled in your arms
~She prefers the exersaucer to the bouncy seat
~She can hold her pacifier in her mouth for more than 10 seconds at a time
~She grabs toys, hair, paci's, pretty much anything in her reach
~She "talks" constantly--which is saying a lot in our very verbal household
~She growing the "William's cheeks" in quite nicely
~She smiles with her whole self and is working on a sweet little giggle
~She has an opinion and makes it pretty clear to whomever will listen

My favorite change? The way she lights up when she sees my face!


sarah said...

what a precious dimple!!!

Mary Beth said...

All of my girls have only one dimple on their right cheek...sweet!