Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ella Grace's Special Day

Yesterday Ella Grace's Aunt Lissa got to be the teacher in her preschool class. Ella Grace also got picked to be the "leader of the day." When she got home from school, she couldn't wait to tell me about these unexpected events:

EG: Mom, (in a super-excited, it's me, it's me kind of voice) guess who was the leader of the day!??
Me: Hmmmm. Let's see, was it a boy or a girl?
EG: (very dramatically) Let me give you a hint: it's someone that is here right now!

Then several times (at least 15!) throughout the day yesterday:

EG: Mom, wasn't today a special day for me? Aunt Lissa got to be my teacher, AND I got to be the leader!

Thanks, Liss, for making Ella Grace's Monday special--for that matter--thanks for making all of Ella Grace's days special just by being who you are!


sarah said...

how fun!! for both of them, i'm sure!

Melissa said...

love you little girl! aunt lissa had a special day too!!