Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Because I know some of my dear readers are fellow moms, I am compelled to share this time consuming, I mean, educational activity that the girls loved today!

Each week the girls and I spend time talking about a specific letter of the alphabet. It's the letter Ella Grace's class focuses on in school and Annabelle and I spend a little time playing school while big sister is away.

This week the letter is "F"!

This morning Annabelle and I made "fish" out of cardstock, attached a safety pin through a hole punched hole) to each and fished for them using a piece of yarn with a magnet tied to it attached to a dowel rod. Our fish were as simple as sticking a fish sticker on paper, but there are several templates you could use if you wanted an actual fish shape.

We wrote numbers on each card; but the possibilities are endless: shape recognition, color recognition, letter recognition, etc. To make it age appropriate, while the girls worked together, Annabelle fished out a number and selected the correct number of stickers to place on her sheet of paper. Ella Grace worked on simple addition by fishing out two numbers, counting out the appropriate number of stickers for each, and then totalling her stickers. Of course, independent play has been fun to watch too; they put all their fish in our garden sized bathtub--or, lake, I should say--and fished away.

This has proved to be a great rainy day activity for today.
What about you? What do your kids love to do that's both fun and educational? Leave me a comment...hey, I helped you out with an idea!!


Anna said...

We like to play ABC Bingo (from Wal-Mart) and Play & Discover Spelling (from Marshalls). I, too, am trying to work on letters and spelling with Weston!

BTW, I added in the link to Dainty Designs to my last post. My friend Lynn made Addison's pillowcase dress, so I put her website link in there, too. She is mostly selling to her fellow blogger adoption buddies. Hope y'all are well. :)

sarah said...

you are so clever.

and ...

TAG you're it :)

Christie said...

Very creative! I don't know if Annabelle is able to work the computer yet or not. But I found out from Alexander's Preschool teacher a very education site. You might can even gain some ideas from it. Ella Grace would definetly enjoy it. Alexander loves it.