Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

This morning as you left for work, I called behind you, "Love you, Sweetheart!" Ella Grace smirked and asked, "Why do you call him Sweetheart?" My reply was simple, "Because, he's my Sweetheart!"

Here are some more reasons, girls, that I call your Daddy my Sweetheart:

  • He works extra hard so that I can stay home and take care of you!

  • He is the best daddy you could ever have!

  • He adores mom and is not afraid to tell each of you how much!

  • He loves Jesus and wants more than anything for you to love Him too!

  • He understands a bit of God's grace and is willing to magnify it daily to each of us!

  • He helps me fold laundry!

  • He's one of the smartest people I know!

  • He thinks that the four most beautiful girls in the world live under his roof!

  • He wants to obey the Lord, even when that obedience seems crazy!

I call your Daddy my Sweetheart, because that, my darlings, is what he is!

I love you, Eric!!

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