Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday First, Friends, and Fun

Well, first things first--our Friday first is--Pink Eye! We've never experienced it in our house and the lucky little winner is Annabelle! She's being very brave for her eye drops and doesn't really seemed to be bothered by the icky eye! -----------------------------------------------------
Ella Grace brought home a Friday friend from school today:
Willy (the letter this week is "Ww")!

I have a pet named Willy
Who lives at home with me.
I keep him in this special cup
So all my friends can see.

Where, oh, where is Willy?
Oh, where can Willy be?
Come out now, little Willy,
So all my friends can see.

He is a little timid.
I must be very firm.
Come out now little Willy!
Come out, my Willy Worm!

by Jean Warren

And our Friday fun? Well, tonight is a girl's night--and girlie it promises to be! Eric is on his way to our church's Men's Retreat, so we are in pjs ready for pizza, movies (Tinkerbell!), and popcorn!!

Hope your weekend is full of firsts, friends, and lots of fun!!

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