Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The View From our Upstairs Window

They are building a house on the lot next door to ours. Work begins around 7 each morning and is fairly quiet all morning. Once I put the girls down for a nap--the noise begins. Do you think it'd be inappropriate for me to ask them to suspend use of the nail gun between the hours of 1-4 PM?

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Jennifer Malone Rodriguez said...

Ha! I'm SO with you! We have a Pepsi distribution plant behind our aptmt. Every morning, the trucks pull in around 6:45-7:15 AM and start honking their horns...and wake Mia up. It gets quiet at 8 and stays that way until...yep!....Mia's afternoon naptime!! between 3-4 they start it all over again....it's no wonder I can't get the child to sleep!!