Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How We Eat @ McD's for $10

Before we had kids, we joked that we'd never introduce them to McDonalds! Ha! Of course, there are days we need a quick lunch and Mickey D's is the answer. I have, however, figured out how to do it inexpensively. Thought I'd let you in on my technique:

4 cheeseburgers/no onions
4 yogurt parfaits
1 iced tea (split 4 ways)

Total = $9 + applicable taxes

Yes, the first few times we ate this way there were complaints about not getting a toy. The parfait solves a lot of that as my kids think they're getting dessert! The threat to go get back into the car and eat at home solved the rest of it for me.

Other ways we eat out are pretty obvious:

~We eat at places where kids eat free.
~We use coupons.
~We rarely order drinks; the kids usually take their cups full of milk or juice and Eric and I opt for free water.
~We've recently discovered that instead of ordering three kid's meals from the kid's menu, we can order an adult sized entree and split it between the three girls. This usually turns out cheaper.
~We often can be found eating at a Mexican Restaurant -- the kids get chips & salsa, both to keep them busy and to fill their tummies a bit -- we order a la carte for them and, again, usually end up eating cheaper than if we'd bought from the kid's menu.

Any other suggestions??

Leave a comment with a suggestion and be entered to win a Chick-fil-A calendar filled with free food and coupons good in 2010! Contest ends Friday, March 26th @ midnight!


Susan H. said...

Pick me! Pick me! =) You listed a lot of my ideas, but here's another...we pretty much never eat dessert out, unless it's a really special occasion. We often do come home from eating out and then have a cookie or ice cream at home for way cheaper that what it would cost to order dessert.

Jenn said...

No! Pick me :) We do all those things too. Hmm, anything else? Got nothing for ya'.

Mom of 3 Boys said...

I don't have any ideas but I love the ones you posted! We do a similar thing at McDonalds but with the nuggets, order a 20 piece instead of 3 kids meals and split them and also just one fry (if we get them) we just get water so we're pretty cheap too! Nice on the parfaits though, I hadn't thought about that!

Joelle Turner said...

I feel like we usually eat "out" at Chick fil a when they are doing something fun, or offering a deal -- isn't it Wednesday's when you get a free kids meal with an adult meal? Or, we tag along with my parents or David's, they are more than happy to treat if they get to spend a meal with their grandkids! :)

carolinagirl said...

I was going to mention the 20 piece nugget, but 'Mom of 3 boys" beat me to it. Your ideas and suggestions are great! I do know of some friends that would feed their child before we would go out and then let the child get an appetizer or dessert to enjoy while we ate. I can't wait to read more suggestions!

Melissa said...

i'm in!! liss

Anna said...

We do some of the same things...I love dollar menus at alot of the fast food restaurants. I don't think I ever eat at Chick-fil-A without using a coupon! I also use Fuddruckers coupons, Ruby Tuesdays coupons, etc. We also LOVE restaurants who offer free kids meals! Another cheap eat when you're in a hurry or just don't feel like cooking is the $5 hot-n-ready from Little Caesars, my kids love them! OH...and count me in the drawing!

Beth Monty said...

why feed the kids at all??? i am all for give 'em to granny with pb&j and go out on a hot date! is that enough to win something?

Jessica said...

Thanks MB for all of the ideas. We usually eat

from the $ menu if there is one.

at Mexican Restaurants...the boys love chips and salsa!

Pebble Creek Pizza - with coupons!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

I keep hearing about all of these restaurants that kids eat free, would anyone care to offer up a list of these places?! Thanks!

Anna said...

Here are a few of the "Kids Eat Free Restaurants"...

-Denny's kids eat free Tues. & Sat. 4-10pm (days times vary depending on location)
-Firehouse Subs (most on Wed. & Thurs.)
-Mcalisters Deli 5-9pm nightly
-Sticky Fingers Sun.- Thurs.
-Most Moes locations do Tues. and Sun. 4pm to close

Hope that helps! :)

Sudeana said...

I think these are all great suggestions. They are used best if meeting sweet friends to share the time while kids are playing :) Thanks for being those sweet friends!

Mary Beth said...

At Dickey's kids eat free on Sundays (and everyday in March; 1 per adult meal)

Our Firehouse is Wednesdays and Sundays.

And Mcallisters is only the one on Woodruff Road. The one on Congaree kids eat free on Tuesdays.

Also, the Moes out here (Katie) is Mondays, I think??

Salsaritas is Saturdays, I think, and I think it's 99 cent kids meals.

Applebees (on Wade Hampton) is 99 cent kids meals on Tuesdays.

Chick-fil-A (on Wade Hampton in Greer) is free on Saturdays from 5-8 pm; one per adult.

Mutts (on Hwy 14) kids under 4 get the buffet free (I think it's on Mondays & Wednesdays).

Those are off the top of my head...there is a facebook group that is something about kids eating free in Greenville.

Libby said...

Woodruff Road Moe's--kids eat for 99cents on Saturday and Sunday evenings. If the grown-ups get water, our whole family eats for around $15. The youngest isn't a fan yet, so he gets food from home still. Also, we order the 6-piece McNuggets meal (Mighty Kids Meal instead of Happy Meal) at McD's for the 5 y.o. and 2 y.o. to share.
Now--don't accuse me of being a lurker anymore. : )

Dana Wood said...

We do the dollar menu too. A big favorite at our house is Zaxby's, which is the probably the most expensive fast food place. But we buy the big kids a Nibbler meal (which they split) and it comes with a drink (which they split). So much cheaper than kids meal there!

Laura said...

www.buddyslot.com has TONS of restaurant coupons for greenville. Also if you join merry moms, they have a huge web posting of everywhere in greenville that kids eat free. Lastly, if you join the restaurant email lists, they email you coupons for discounted food as well as free food for birthdays.