Monday, March 1, 2010

February = Failure

You've probably guessed, since I'm a little late posting this, that my February goal was not met! With good reason, at least I think it's a good reason! We've decided that it's time to bunk the girls! We haven't purchased a bunk bed yet, and it followed reason to me that I shouldn't purchase "decorative items" since it's hard for me to picture what the room will look like when their current beds are removed and replaced with bunks! We have been shopping around and have our choices narrowed. February's goal will reappear another month, I'm sure!

Onto March -- two smaller goals to make up for my failure! One is the garage! We have saved for several months to purchase a shed to go in our back yard! It is set to be delivered this week and our goal is to clean out the garage, moving much of what is currently there to the shed.

The second is to update the pictures that hang in our living room. I know -- that shouldn't count as an entire goal, but it's one of those little things that I keep meaning to get around to . . . well, in March 2010 I will get around to it! We did after all get some great family pictures made this year...
Will check back with photos at the end of the month!

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