Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Summary & A Winner

Great tips for eating out! You can see some ideas here in the original post; here are some ideas left in the comments:

~Eat dessert at home for a fraction of what it would cost you in a restaurant.
~Eat with Grandparents--they usually pick up the tab =).
~Buy the 20 piece nuggets from McD's or the $5 pizza from Little Caesars.
~Don't feed the kids--leave them with Granny & go out on a hot date =).
~Order from the dollar menu, eat Mexican, & split adult sized meals between your kids.
~Use websites to let you in on deals around town.

Some "Kids Eat Free" deals (check with your location before planning an outing):

~Dennys (Tues. & Sat.)
~McAllisters (5-8 pm)
~Sticky Fingers (Sun. thru Thurs.)
~TGI Fridays (Tues.)
~Moes (differs with locations)
~Dickey's (Sun.)
~Chick-fil-A (differs with locations)
~Firehouse (Sun. & Wed.)

Some "Kids Eat Cheap" deals (again, check with your location before budgeting):

~Applebees (Tues.)
~Mutts (buffet)
~Salsaritas (differs with locations)
~Zaxby's (differs with locations)

Some helpful resources:

Buddys Lot (membership fee applies)
~If you're on
Facebook, there is a group called "Where kids eat FREE in Greenville, SC"

And, for the winner . . . chose the 12th commenter.

That's YOU!


And thanks for all who participated! You're no longer considered lurkers.

I'm feelin' the love!

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