Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

Easter is quickly becoming one of my favorite times the year! I love the weather, the time with friends and family, and celebrating the significance of this day in my life.
We did a few egg hunts and, of course, the girls got Easter baskets! This year they each got a sleeping bag, a blanket, pj pants, and a pair of slippers.
My favorite memory was teaching Annabelle and her friends the Easter story in Sunday School. Annabelle interrupted me as I was talking about Christ dying on the cross. "Mom," she said, "He had to let those mean men hurt and kill Him, so He could forgive our sinful choices." So, true, my darling!

It was also sweet to have Ella Grace in the service with us as we celebrated a Risen King! She was thrilled to hear the pastor's "He has risen!" and our response, "He has risen indeed!"

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