Tuesday, April 20, 2010

March = 1/2 a Success & April's Goal

Did you think I'd forgotten? It did sort of slip my mind that I forgot to tell you that we did get the garage cleaned out during the month of March!! We have a new shed in our back yard housing much of what used to be in the garage and providing enough room in the garage to fit two vehicles. Although, we don't park both there. Are 2 car garages really meant to hold 2 cars? It's so squishy when they are both there.

Instead, we're housing my van and a treadmill (thanks B!). Blah! It's making all my excuses to avoid exercise hard to justify. This week I started this, if you're wondering. No promises as to how long I'll last!!

We didn't get the pictures in the living room updated in March.

We decided that warmer temps meant we should finally do something to this yard! We have lived here for almost two years and have yet to landscape! We're working hard and I promise to post some "after" pictures when we're finished! For now, a few "in progress" shots:

Step 1: Dig hole

Step 2: Fill said hole with healthy soil

Step 3: Move some local worms to a new home

Step 4: Plant tree

Step 5: Add water

Our vegetable garden is going in this weekend! Can't wait for fresh tomatoes!


Mom of 3 Boys said...

There is a great 5K called the Candlelight Run that is on June 19th and would work perfect on your nine week schedule. It's really cool from what I've heard. You do it at night with all of these luminaries lining the streets. I signed up for it last year but got sick the day before! I'm going to try it again this year I think! We could do it together!

Beth Monty said...

you knew i had to comment on this way...awesome! you show that treadmill who's boss! but i have to remind you what happened last time you started a running regimen...hee hee